In 2 days I’m running my 2nd NYC Marathon!!


I stopped blogging for a while but I haven’t stopped doing… After 4 long months of training, in just 2 days, I’ll be running my second NYC Marathon and that’s worth blogging about!

Good luck to all the other runners out there who are just as excited and nervous as I am! It’s going to be a fantastic day!

*If you’re in NYC go check out the Asics display in the Columbus Circle subway station, it’s pretty awesome!*



30 days
720 hours
43,200 minutes
2,592,000 seconds

On Thursday, June 30th, 2011 you and I will have lost 5 pounds each. Or not. We will have accomplished a goal on our list, carried out a life desire, completed something we want to do. Or not. Each of us will be the sole individual…

Liz is one of the most amazing, honest and inspiring people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet!  She doesn’t even realize how much of an impact her words have on people.  I read her blog religiously and relate to her so much it’s crazy.  She is a constant source of motivation for me.  And so, with that said (and because I’ve been in a rut for the last 3 months), I’m going to try very hard to follow her lead. I’m going to participate in the 5k challenge and I’m also going to try this Paleo Caveman craziness. 

What’s 30 days, right?

This is gonna be hard…

6.2 in 1:05…. I’ll take it!


Finised my 7th qualifier for the 2012 NYC Marathon today! I have 2 races left to run and 1 race to volunteer at before securing myself a number for 2012.  I’ll accomplish the 2 races this week (5k on Tuesday and Brooklyn Half on Saturday).  I’m pretty proud of myself for knocking out 9 qualifying races in the first 6 months of 2011.  Not even sure if I’ll run the marathon in 2012 but I like knowing I have a spot if I so choose.

Enjoyed this morning’s race with my friend Val (in picture above) who is getting better and better with every race, so proud of her!  Then celebrated finishing the race with my friends Shari (who also ran this morning) and Isa over breakfast and gossip, nothing better!

Now (inspired by E) I’m off to run errands.  I have a long checklist of shiz that needs to get done…the city awaits.  First item up, laundry (and by laundry I mean dropping it off around the corner). God I love laundry service! 

*Quick side note—Thanks to the volunteer midway up the mother-of-all-hills in Harlem who was cheering us on. I don’t know who you are but you kept me going. I managed to make it up that hill without taking even one walking step, thanks to you!*

It’s almost that time again!

Had an interview with my charity of choice for the 2011 NYC Marathon yesterday!  I’m 99% sure my sister and I will both secure numbers through this charity (once we’re in, I’ll shout it out). Fingers and toes crossed. 

As scary as it is to commit to this massive undertaking (again), it’s equally as exciting.  The 6 months of training that I did last year with Lisa (my sister) were the best months I’ve had in years.  They were tough, don’t get me wrong, but satisfying.  I felt better, I looked better and I was all around, much happier.  I’m looking forward to getting back to that place.

The Brooklyn Half Marathon should help light the fire even more.  Looking forward to that as well. 

Ready to kiss the first 6 months of 2011 goodbye.  I so badly wanted it to be a good year, so far that’s not been the case but I’m gearing up to turn it all around. 

"Every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around …"

Only my sister…

…thinks an 11 mile run is a mother’s day gift!  Seriously she is a lunatic!  She asked her kids to skip their yearly tradition of bringing her breakfast in bed in order to run with me. I can tell you it was more my gift than hers! My sister got me through every miserable step of our 11 mile run yesterday, without her, I might’ve quit at 5.5 miles.

I’m training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon, my sister is not.  She just happily opted to run 9.75 miles of my 11 with me for the shear torture fun of it!  She would’ve finished the last 1.25 if she didn’t have to tend to her 3 kids so her hubby could go to the gym.  She is Wonder Woman - I swear it - she even looks a little like Lynda Carter from back in the day.

In any case, I am NOT Wonder Woman and felt I held my sister back the entire time.  For some reason my legs felt like bricks underneath me.  At 5.5 miles we stopped to get water and Lisa said to me “say something, you’re too quiet…”, my response… “I have nothing good to say…” followed up by … “there’s no way on God’s green earth I’m banging out 5.5 more miles!”

But then, I did.  They were slow, they were difficult, they were combated by negative thoughts and they were crap, but in the end, they were DONE. 

I often wonder what makes some runs suck and others great.  My sister (older and wiser sister) pointed out some basic, pretty obvious things I hadn’t considered. She asked me a series of questions while I was mid-complaint at about mile 7:

1. Did you get enough sleep? - NO
2. Did you eat late? - YES
3. Did you have alcohol at dinner? - YES
4. Did you hydrate the day before? - NO
5. Did you stretch? - NO
6. Did you mentally prepare and respectfully consider the distance? - NO

Six questions and six dumb answers later and there you have it … I shouldn’t wonder why yesterday was so tough but at least next time I can try to prepare better. 12 miles await me this Sunday, let’s hope I’m a bit smarter preparing for them this week!

**This is me on my sister’s front lawn enjoying the sun and the amazement that I actually finished (my sister was already in the shower by the time I was done or else I would’ve forced her into the picture - next time.)**


"No Sleep Til Brooklyn!"

Whose idea was it to sign up for half marathons to keep motivated? Oh riiight… twas mine!

Two weeks until the Brooklyn half and I’m soooo not ready! This morning could not have been more perfect for a lovely 5 mile run through central park with my good friend Isa, yet I struggled with every single step of those 5 miles! So thankful I had a friend to distract me, but in those silent moments when conversation paused, all I could think was “how am I gonna run a half in two weeks when 2 miles feels hellish?…even worse, how in god’s name will I be able to run another marathon???”

I welcomed the “oh I forgot to tell you…” moments of our run that helped break me out of my discouraging inner monologue.

But we finished and I got in my planned 5er for the day. And you know what? I felt happy and accomplished like I always do after a run, even more so after a run I was dreading!

Tomorrow calls for 11 miles (oof)! But tomorrow I get to run with my marathon partner (my sister Lisa) and we will talk about how we both committed to raising $3000 for the BEF fighting cystic fibrosis for the second year in a row to earn our numbers for the 2011 NYC marathon. We will reminisce about last year. And we will get excited! Just writing it out gives me chills.

So the moral to the story… Run. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes miserable, sometimes painful, sometimes exhilerating but always, always, always worth it!

Can someone remind me of that tomorrow?

"I’m one stomach flu away from my goal weight"…

One of the most memorable lines from “The Devil Wears Prada”…

Now this isn’t true for me at the moment but I do think through the night I developed a stomch flu (lots of people around me have this thing). I feel awful. Woke up at 1:30 am with horrible cramps, totally nauseous. The thought of food or movement is making me want to lose it.

As sick as I feel, I have to admit, I’ve thought more about the silver lining. Me, not having a desire to eat? That’s like a miracle! Hopefully this thing passes but I’ll take a day or two with no appetite, maybe it’ll help kick start my calorie reduction plan. I’ve been overeating for about 2 months now and haven’t been able to scale it back. Maybe this is divine (miserable) intervention.

(I’m not saying this is the right way to think, it’s just the way I think).

Hope y’all have a happy and healthy Friday!

Oh how I forgot what sore feels like… I’ve been sitting in my cozy chair for about 2 hours watching Bravo “Real Housewives of NY” (don’t judge, my remote is broken and it’s entertaining).  Anywho… I just got up to get myself some yummy crystal lite peach iced tea and nearly fell over. 

Good God! I ran 5 miles last night and then thought it was a good idea to go to a bootcamp class at 7 am this morning.  Now the old Janine (I miss her so) would’ve scoffed at this, but this new gal I’ve become, ooh wee I am suffering.  My aching tush, hammies, hips … shall I go on?

Not gonna lie, I love this feeling. 

Side note… Kelly Ripa is on “Watch What Happens Live” and she is my body idol!  Do you see that girls arms??  Ok, I realize that I will never be a tiny as Ms. Ripa but just looking at her makes me want to go to the gym and get my arse kicked!

Monday’s goal…

Today’s goal: Do something other than just run!

It’s going to be a really busy week. I typically default to running as my form of exercise and I also tend to default to running even more when I’m busy and stressed.  I don’t think this is a bad thing, I just think that if my goal is to lose weight and be more fit, I have to incorporate something other than running. So, that said, my goal(s) for today is to:

Go to the gym, do cardio (spin class or some other class) AND do abs/planks & push-ups!